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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create the content for me?

Absolutely! Our team of content writers and creators will help write the content used for follow up sequences, emails, text blast, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more!

What forms of contact can I manage through Cerebral CRM?

Cerebral will be your hub for all the most important communication channels with your leads and customers. You can manage channels such as GMB Messages, Facebook Messenger, Text (SMS), Emails, Phone Calls (recorded as well), Facebook Comments, and even Google & Facebook Reviews. 

What lead sources integrate with Cerebral?

Cerebral integrates with a vast variety of sources such as Facebook Ads/Messenger, Google My Business, Google Ads, Website Forms, Gravity Forms, Angi Ads, Thumbtack, and more. Our design team will ensure whatever lead source you use Cerebral will directly pull from that source.

Will you manage my Social Media Calendar?

YES! Depending on your package, Cerebral will create an annual content calendar that will link to and automatically post on Facebook & Google My Business on the desired dates and times. Our smallest package includes THREE content postings on both Facebook & GMB per week.

Does Cerebral generate numbers and track them?

Yes! Cerebral integrates with Twilio to create multiple numbers for each client to use. Each user on the account will have their own number (redirected to your office) that they will use to communicate via text or phone call. All calls within the dashboard are recorded so you may refer back to past conversations as needed.

You may also generate numbers to us on marketing materials such as yard signs, postcards, flyers, and more. We'll track each number so you may better understand your marketing strategies performance.

Do I pay my ad spend upfront?

NO! When signed on for Google Ads or Facebook Ads management we link your billing information directly into the corresponding platforms. You will be billed directly from either Google or Facebook and only pay Cerebral Connect your management fee.

Will I have access to all my data?

Absolutely! Cerebral Connect is as transparent as they come. Not only will you receive a monthly detailed report on all your accounts data and activity but you'll also have access to any and all accounts that we create for you.

Do you require contracts?

Cerebral Connect does not require contracts for Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

When you purchase a website design from Cerebral you have two options. Either an outright purchase with no management or our Web Design + Management package. The package deal includes a 12 month commitment that is in place to ensure your website stays up to date, high in SEO rankings, and is properly running for high traffic volume. After the 12 months you'll have to decide to either continue on a month to month basis or to cancel our services, in which the website will be yours.