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Three Benefits Of PPC For Your Business

Three Benefits Of Pay Per Click (PPC) For Your Business

The advertising industry used to be centered on charging advertisers by cost-per-impression (CPI) on TV, radio and print media. If 1,000 people saw a home services commercial on Fox, the broadcaster would send a bill to the corresponding marketer. That marketer would then assume its sales would increase.

This model has been upended by pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in digital marketing. The online advertising industry is growing at near 15 percent per year and represents almost $356 billion in spending by advertisers (2020) . PPC represents a very large percentage of this trend. But why?

ppc ads
U.S. Online Advertising Revenue 2020 via Statista

PPC Is Actionable

Home Services businesses are now placing banner ads on websites, and you will also see their sponsored advertisements on Google. In digital marketing, the audience can simply click and connect with the brand, and the sales process begins. Research shows that 1–3 percent of the audience will click on the ad. In traditional media, connecting with the brand requires far greater effort from the viewer, once the impression has been made.

Google Pay Per Click
Google PPC Metal Roofing Ads Search

Pay Per Click Is Measurable

Can these Home Services businesses actually measure whether a TV advertisement was effective? No, not easily or with a lot of certainty. Can they measure an online ad better? Absolutely. The systems that monitor clicks are very sophisticated and easy to use. Your business would know with granularity when, where, and how often an ad was clicked, and then what action was taken afterward. If the viewer clicked on a coupon ad, printed and then redeemed it, you can measure this entire process.

Google PPC Ads Are Affordable

Sure large businesses with a billion dollar advertising budget and an enormous marketing staff can take on this marketing strategy. Can a start-up or sole proprietor afford to use PPC? Absolutely. The system is set up so the advertiser can either buy or bid on placement and keywords while setting a spending limit. For example, if a small auto detailing company can only afford $50 per day, the Google AdWords system allows the budget to be set and not surpassed. Each time a viewer clicks on the auto detailers advertiser’s content, $3.93 will be billed to the account. After 13 clicks, the advertiser’s content will no longer be presented that day.

Cost Per Click
Auto Detailers Average Cost Per Click- Let It Glow Detail

Learn More About PPC Today

PPC advertising has become an effective, actionable, measurable and affordable method to increase the sales of your products and services. If you would like to learn more, visit our PPC Management page, contact us by email, or call us at (260) 243-7410 for a personal consultation.


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