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Why Your Small Business Needs PPC

Why Your Small Business Needs PPC


Small business owners may be hesitant to spend their budget on PPC because they think it’s too expensive. The truth is that PPC ads can provide a low-cost way for you to get your company in front of potential customers without spending a lot up front. Additionally, the right PPC campaign will help grow revenue and profit by increasing the number of visitors who turn into paying customers. PPC marketing also offers an inexpensive way to test new ideas and see what works best for your business before investing more money into different strategies.

Why does your small business need PPC? I’d like to go over a few items that may clear your mind of any lingering concerns.

1. What is PPC advertising and how can it help your business
2. The benefits of PPC advertising for small businesses
3. How to get started with PPC advertising
4. Examples of successful campaigns on Google Ads

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What Is PPC Advertising And How Can It Help Your Business

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or PPC for short, is an online advertising model where a publisher – Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc. – chargers an advertiser every time their advertising link is “clicked” on. This model is also known at Cost-Per-Click or CPC. PPC is widely considered the “go to” method for online advertisers because we don’t want to pay just to display our ads. We prefer to pay only when people, our audience, takes action on these advertisements. PPC advertising also offers nearly instantaneous results when created and managed correctly. This allows your business to target for specific products or services immediately when they are “in” or in high demand.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising For Small Businesses

One of the main benefits for small businesses using PPC advertising is that it can provide an immediate measure for success. The company will be able see how many clicks their ads got, what products/services were clicked on during this period and even when someone left without taking any action at all! This way you’ll know if there are certain aspects about your business model or marketing campaign which needs improvement so before investing more money in these areas because they could turn out very costly indeed (not just financially speaking).

One other great thing about having access rapidly into results quickly enough enables businesses to make better decisions based off information given; whether its sales numbers coming through everyday Monday morning after launching or niche markets available for targeting. The next benefit is being able to issue information to the public quickly. Sales, special events, clearances and limited edition products or services are just some of the examples. There are plenty of reasons for a company to want fast results.

PPC allows the company to start small and scale upwards over time. Seeing positive results every step of the way, even when starting up PPC for your product or service at first glance seems impossible; this can go along ways in scaling later on as well as increasing those success rates exponentially.

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How To Get Started With PPC Advertising

The best way to getting started with PPC Advertising is to get ahold of a professional, like us at Cerebral Connect. We understand that many business owners are eager “do it yourselfers” that believe they can spare some cash by doing it themselves.

This belief is far from the truth. Many times we’ve seen first hand the enormous cost doing it yourself can cause by something as small as not linking the correct page to a specific ad, improper keywords targeting the wrong individual, or even lack of tracking.

This could end up costing you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars per “lead” if you are even to get one. This has actually turned many small businesses away from the idea of PPC thinking that it does not work, when in reality it was their lack of expertise that did not works well with PPC.

If you still feel eager enough to try it yourself, at least keep in mind these 5 steps:

  1. Create Your New PPC Account and Get Those Location Settings Locked In.
  2. Start Strong by Creating a Solid Seed List of Keywords.
  3. Take Your Newly Found Keywords and Make Some Ad Groups.
  4. Link Your Ads to Well Rounded SEO Pages That Correlate With The Ads.
  5. Track Your Ads and Conversions.

There is also a belief that paying experts such as Cerebral Connect to create, manage, and optimize your PPC Ads is expensive. That can’t be further from the truth. Are there companies or independent contractors out there that do charge an arm and a leg? Absolutely, as there are in any  industry.

More justifiable companies such as Cerebral Connect typically charge anywhere between $500-$2000 a month for PPC Advertising. Where does Cerebral Connect stand in this range? Well, feel free to Get Your Free Quote Here, for Google PPC specifically we only charge $500/Mo with a $200 initial setup fee.

This amount does not go up or down. No matter what your Ad spend is. It can be $500/Mo or $20,000/Mo, our Management Fee remains the same.

Examples of successful campaigns on Google Ads

A successful Google Ads campaign would intel a high ROI. On Google Ads the average good ROI is between 100% – 150%. Seems high right? Well, that ROI can, should, and will actually double in most cases.

Of course this is when these ads are properly created, managed, and optimized. For example, say you own a Pressure Washing company. Your average ticket, all services combined, is $500. In order for you to make a profit your average lead must cost no more than $80.

A successfully managed Google Ads Campaign would bring in leads at any where between $40-$50 per. If this is the case, say your Ad Spend for the first month of Google Ads is $1000. That should bring in 25 leads for the month. 25 leads at $500 per ticket would generate $12,500 – $1,000 Ad Spend – $500 Cerebral Connect Fee = $11,000. From there you would then of course subtract any payroll or operation costs.

That is an example of how a successful Google Ads campaign should generate sales. Not to mention the countless other leads created offline.


PPC advertising is a great way for small businesses to generate revenue quickly. Not only will it help you reach potential customers, but it’s also incredibly affordable and easy to set up.

Interested in getting started? Let us know! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you so that your business can thrive online.

Contact our Cerebral Connect today for more information on how we can work together to drive sales through PPC advertising.